Jake Pitts (born Jacob Mark Pitts; August 21, 1988)[2] is an American guitarist, songwriter, producer, and engineer best known for being lead guitarist in the American rock band Black Veil Brides.

Personal lifeEdit

Pitts was born in IdahoUnited States to Mark and Carolyn Pitts. He also has an older sister Sarah Pitts Lowry, who has two children Aiden and Minka. The song "Carolyn" was written by Black Veil Brides' frontman Andy Biersack about Jake's mother when she was going through a period of illness.[3][4] On the 18th of January 2014, his mother suddenly passed away.[5]

Music careerEdit

He received his first guitar when he was 10 years old, but he put it away and didn't play it until 3 years later. He picked it back up when he began listening to Metallica, because he wanted to recreate their sound.[1] He learned music and harmony theory from his mother, who was a classical pianist and composer. He also took a lesson from virtuoso guitarist Eric Cliff from the bands Abriel Way and Blind Fury. Eric taught him many tricks and techniques such as speed picking. Eric is from his home town of Boise Idaho. Jake is also influenced musically by rock and heavy metal artists such as Van HalenScorpionsAll That RemainsBucketheadPaul GilbertRandy Rhoads (Ozzy Osbourne), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath),Avenged SevenfoldMötley Crüe, and Metallica. Before joining Black Veil Brides, he played lead guitar in the bands The Perfect Victim and 80 Proof Riot. [1][6] He is a certified recording engineer and went to Los Angeles Recording School in 2006.[1] [7]


  • Kerrang! Awards 2011 - Best International Newcomer
  • Kerrang! Awards 2012 - Best Single "Rebel Love Song"
  • KerrangI Awards 2013 - Best live Band - Black Veil Brides
  • Revolver Golden Gods 2011 = Best New Band
  • Revolver Golden Gods 2012 - Best Guitarist "Jake Pitts" -
  • Revolver Golden Gods 2013 - Song of the year "In The End"
  • AP Magazine guitarists of the year 2013

- He and fellow Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx won Revolver Magazine's Golden Gods Award for "Best Guitarists 2012".[8][9] v


Jake is currently endorsed by Schecter guitars

Production careerEdit

  • 2010 - Black Veil Brides (We Stitch These Wounds) - Songwriter
  • 2011 - Black Veil Brides (Set The World On Fire) - Songwriter
  • 2013 - Black Veil Brides (Wretched & Divine) - Songwriter / Engineered Guitars