The general "emo" style isn't just getting out of bed and wearing black all the time. Emo fashion is diverse and alternative and this guide should help.

Hair Edit

The most common misconception about emo hair, is that it is grown and left messy. Emo hair tends to be cut in numerous choppy layers and most guys have about 4 layers- more for girls. The most common colour for hair is black but any colour it suitable really. Many people have their hair dyed in many colours, such as black with bright pink fringe and brown coontails, or rainbow tips. Unnatural colours are favoured. Emos do their hair with what is called "teasing" and make their hair big.

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The Clothing Edit

Emo clothing isn't always black, and colours like red, pink and purple are usually used and patterns such as plaid can be used. The basic dress code is as follows:

  • A Band tee. Find your favourite emo hardcore band tee, like Black Viel Brides and buy their tee's in black with the logo or slogan.
  • Skinny jeans are a must. Go to any store that sells them and invest in one or two pairs in black. You can use other colours but black is the general colour. If you are a girl, you could wear a red plaid mini-skirt.
  • Hoodies. Hoodies are what will keep you warm and so they are essential in winter but look epic in the summer. Good hoodies are by Hell Bunny but you can wear varsities and band ones, or a black Ed Hardy one. Cupcake Cult sells very cute hoodies with ears on them.
  • Converse. Shoes are usually converse but you can wear pretty much anything such as Doc Martens or super-high heels or platforms.
  • Accessorize. Wear gummy-bands and band plastic-bands. Wear studded belts and necklaces with broken hearts or cute symbols. Just don't go overboard- you may become scene.

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